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Spring U5-U10 Game Schedule

Ames Soccer Club administers the Central Iowa Soccer League (CISL).  League Rules, directions to fields, and so on can be found on the CISL web site.

This year, for schedules, CISL is using a great locally owned company called Tourney Machine for our scheduling.

Schedules will come out in late March after the numbers of teams is established.  Current plans have the 8-game season running on Saturday mornings in April and May.

There is also a great web app you can install on your mobile phone to be found at that same link.

Spring U5-U10 Practices

All U5-U10 practices are held at HYSC. U5-U6 practices Tuesdays OR Thursdays, depending on the team, and U7-U10 practice Tuesdays and Thursdays. Practices start at 6:00 p.m.

The first day of practice will be March 31 or April 2 (for the Thursday U5-U6 teams only). The end of the season will coincide roughly with the end of the school year.

In Fall seasons, Beginning October 1, all U5-U10 practices move to start at 5:30 (and end 30 minutes earlier as well) due to the receding daylight. 



Spring U11-14 Schedules

Look for the Spring Match Schedule links here: