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Rules for all ages are given on the CISL pages

About Jewelry

All jewelry must be removed for games.  This includes earrings and watches, in addition to things like necklaces.  This is a matter of safety.  We cannot deny that "taping" of earrings occurs on occasion, but it is not officially allowed, is not as safe, and a referee is well within her/his rights to insist that earrings (whether just recently pierced or not!) come out for games.

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Basic Coerver Ball Skills warmup exercises


A note on referees

All games U9/U10 and older will have assigned certified referees. All U6 games should have parent referees. Most U8 games will have certified referees, but teams should be prepared to have parent referees. Please understand that we are developing referees as much as we are developing players and treat our younger, learning referees with respect.  A conversation after the game about rules or suggestions on calling things is much better than yelling at a 13 year old learning to control the game.