December Update: The poles are up, but we still have some fundraising to go!

Last September, we introduced the Light It Up project.  As described below, the club projected a $150,000 investment to light up Field 3 for extended practice and match times.  We have some exciting news:

  • In late October, NAI, Musco, and our contractors got together and got the price down to about $130,000.
  • The Club seeded the project with $50,000 from reserves
  • We have raised about $65,000 in committed donations from various businesses and families, whom we will recognize shortly.
  • With this in hand, the construction has begun so that we will be up and running in the Spring!

We still need to raise roughly $15,000 to finish the Lights.  If we manage to exceed that goal, we can restock some our club's reserves that were used to seed the project.

All donations are welcome, but we have five suggested levels for our major donors.  Details are given at the bottom of the page

  • PLATINUM: $20,000

  • GOLD: $10,000

  • SILVER: $5,000

  • BRONZE: $3,000

  • FAMILY: $1,000 

Click here for Campaign Pledge Agreement form

Interested in donating at this or any level?  Please contact Damien Corrieri




    Fall 2014 sees the announcement of a capital fundraising campaign to install lights on Field 3 for use to extend practice time and hold night matches and events.

    Over the last several years, Ames Soccer Club has grown substantially.  With that growth has come the need to expand and improve our infrastructure: to accommodate the greater numbers and to ensure that we offer the highest quality program in our area.  We have already completed a number of projects, including the addition of new practice fields and expanding our irrigation system.

    Installation of permanent lighting will allow our club to offer improved playing conditions, an increased flexibility of scheduling practices, and the opportunity to host evening matches and other special events.  It will demonstrate that we are a leading youth athletic organization in our area.

    We could not have reached this point without strong leadership from the Board of Directors and a strong membership.  Now, we come to you, our Members, and our Community of local business to help with this important new priority.

    We plan to install Musco lighting on Field 3 at a total cost of approximately $150,000.  Donations to the project are welcome from families, businesses and organizations, and will be accepted over periods of up to a three-year commitment.

    Damien Corrieri, our Assistant Director of Coaching, is leading the fundraising effort and is your primary contact for questions, inquiries, and information.  Steve Martens, our president, is also available to meet with interested parties.  Click here for the program brochure.

    Ames Soccer Club is a 501c3 corporation.  


    We have five suggested sponsorship levels

    Platinum: $20,000

    • Recognition on Permanent Display
    • Pennant Display on light pole for 20 years
    • Website/electronic recognition for 20 years
    • Payable over 4 years

    Gold: $10,000

    • Recognition on Permanent Display
    • Pennant Display on light pole for 10 years
    • Website/electronic recognition for 10 years
    • Payable over 4 years

    SILVer: $5,000

    • Recognition on Permanent Display
    • Pennant Display on light pole for 5 years
    • Website/electronic recognition for 5 years
    • Payable over 4 years

    Bronze: $3,000

    • Recognition on Permanent Display
    • Pennant Display on light pole for 3 years
    • Website/electronic recognition for 3 years
    • Payable over 3 years

    Family: $1,000 - (For individual families - Limited to 10 families per 2 year period) ONLY 9 LEFT

    • Recognition on Permanent Display
    • Pennant Display on light pole for 2 years
    • Website/electronic recognition for 2 years
    • Payable over 2 years

    Click here for Campaign Pledge Agreement form