Mission Statement

It is the mission of Ames Soccer Club to foster the development of local youth through the sport of soccer. We are dedicated to providing our participants with a fun, high-quality soccer experience that encourages sportsmanship and a love of the game through the development of player, coach, referee and team.

Our program is based on the following concepts:

Respect For All Persons:

All of our members are equally important and will be treated with respect and fairness without regard for age, ethnicity, gender or social status.

Player Development

Player development within a fun and age-appropriate environment is one of our primary missions. Our younger groups are taught primarily individual skills, with less emphasis on tactics or winning. Our club employs and will continually refine a set of learning goals for all ages.


We will provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for our members.


Coaches play an instrumental part as both teachers and role models. We offer our parent and professional coaches continuing education and professional licensure so they can attain their fullest potential.


Ames Soccer Club recognizes the importance of qualified referees. Officials are provided regular opportunity for education and professional development. Input from officials is welcomed by the Board. Players are taught to respect the referees by the example of parents and staff, coaches and board members.

Family Involvement

We believe membership in ASC is a family affair. We rely on our members to volunteer in order to provide quality programs for our kids. We hope that our families will enjoy their membership in our soccer community


The development of the game of soccer in our community is best accomplished through our affiliation with larger soccer governing bodies, including the Iowa Soccer Association and the United States Soccer Federation.


Ames Soccer Club is governed in a fair, open and inclusive manner. Club business is conducted according to our bylaws by a volunteer board, and by providing numerous opportunities for all members to actively participate.


We endorse the Iowa Soccer Association’s codes of conduct for players, coaches, parents and referees.

Good of the Game

Ames Soccer Club will advocate within Ames for the good of the game of soccer. By promoting and working for soccer, we hope to nurture a love of the game in the children of our club and enrich the community of Ames. We hope the skills and knowledge our members learn will endure, allowing our players to continue to enjoy and participate in this global sport throughout their lives.