Field Working Equipment Needed

Ames Soccer Club plans to develop new fields in the area between the current fields and the river that runs to the east of the complex.  This area is about 15 acres and will provide training fields that will - in turn - allow us to maintain the current fields for game use only.  Having game-only fields will increase our ability to keep these fields in optimum condition by reducing the wear and tear.

We do need some assistance from our club members to develop these fields.

We are looking for equipment to clear small trees and grade the area: back hoes, dozers, and/or excavators.  If you have or have access to such equipment or even know how we could get access to these resources in other ways, please contact Rick Beste at

Central Iowa Soccer League Web Site

The Central Iowa Soccer League (CISL) web site has moved.  The new URL is

Both the CISL and new ASC sites are built to work much better with your cell phone browser.  You'll now be able to get all the resources available there (directions to fields, contact information, schedules, etc.) in an easier to read format.

Any suggestions about the new CISL web site can be directed to William Jenks.

New Ames Soccer Club Web Site


If you're here, you're seeing it!

We have moved our web site to a new platform that will give us flexibility to do some more "modern" things with our page.  A great example of this is that our page now reformats for readability with your mobile phone or tablet.  We hope you like the change.

Organization and content are still very flexible.  If you have suggestions, please contact us!

Ralph Ackerman 2012 "Joe Merchant Volunteer of the Year"


Ames Soccer Club is proud to name Ralph Ackerman as the Joe Merchant Volunteer of the Year. Ralph has served as a parent coach for approximately 357 seasons and has served as our registrar for about the last 8 years. Ralph has served as the coach of a U8 team for the last two years without having a child in that age group. The club and the parents of that team are grateful. He has been president, vice president, and director of coaching. 

Ames Soccer Club's Volunteer of the Year Award was named to honor Joe Merchant for his exemplary volunteerism with the club over many years including a term as its president.

Amazon Affiliate Program - Painless Fundraising for ASC

mes Soccer Club is an Amazon Affiliate.  If you make purchases at, having clicked onto their site using our link (or you can bookmark the URL yourself!), the club gets 4-10% of your purchase price, without affecting the cost to you.  This helps keep our registration costs down and lets us buy things like new nets, cones, and pinnies.

Over the last two years, well over $3000 has come to the club via this program

Click here to shop at Amazon through our link.