New Referee Certification Clinic March 7-8 (updated Feb 14)

A New Referee (Grade 8) Certification clinic will be held at Nevada High School March 7-8.  This is a great opportunity for our players to get training to participate in this important part of the game (which can turn into a nice little part time income if you choose to referee a lot). ASC supports both player and referee development, and will reimburse half the fee for the course for our players and parents if you notify Gary Eyles you took the course.  The recommended minimum age is 12, but there is no official cutoff.  The fee is $50.  

A Grade 8 referee is consider a “full” referee.  Grade 8 referees are not limited to a certain type or age of game.  They are able to officiate any level of game the assignor is comfortable putting them on.  This is a good course for the teenage referee (who typically starts with younger games), college age referee, and adult referee that are willing to do some of the older games (such as in the fall). 

Thanks to the Nevada Soccer Club for hosting this event.  The course is split up over two days and participants must attend both days.  Friday 5:00-9:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am to 4 :00 pm.

Registration link:

Manual Registration Instructions:  Go to and click on the “Calendar" tab…go to March 7 and click on “Entry Level Clinic - Nevada”.  

More information:  Jeremy Williamson,, (515) 291-9473

Winter Indoor Training Jan-March 2014

Do not miss the opportunity to develop your soccer skills throughout the winter by signing up for our Winter Training Program.  Sessions will be held at the All-American Sports Complex in west Ames under the expert coaching of Director of Coaching Gary Eyles and Assistant Director of Coaching Damien Corrieri. 

Sessions are for 5 weeks on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays in Jan/Feb or Feb/March.  Discounts are available for multiple session signup.  

The focus will be on individual skills including fast footwork, moves, fakes, turns and the ability to maintain possession in tight spaces under pressure.  Spaces are limited so this is a case of first come-first served.  (Participants do not need to be on Ames Soccer Club teams.) Deadline is December 30th so do not wait and sign-up now!   Questions on the program contact Gary Eyles at or 515-360-5117.

Click here to download the registration form with times and full details.

FastFeet Indoor Soccer for November and December

As for the last several years, Ames Soccer Club and Ames Park and Recreation have a partnership to bring you the FastFeet Indoor Soccer League, to be played on November 9, 16, 23, and 30 and December 7 and 14.   Play is available for all ages from 6 years old (U7-U8) up through adult, whether or not players are affiliated with Ames Soccer Club in any way.

Games are 40 minutes of fast action on a basketball court at the Ames Middle School gymnasium using a specially weighted ball.   Games are 5 on 5, using keepers (except for U7-U8).  The maximum roster size is 8 players.

You may register as an individual or as a team.  The cost is $50 per player.  After October 31, it goes up to $60.

Click here to get the mail in registration form with full details. 

Contact Gary Eyles to get any questions answered at 515-360-5117 or

Referee Recertification Clinic December 8

Referees require annual recertification through continuous education.   If you have not attended other continuing education opportunities, you can take a recertification clinic.

There will be a referee recertification clinic on Sunday December 8, 2013 at the Stone Brooke Homeowners Association Clubhouse in Ames.  The clubhouse is located at the southeast corner of Fletcher and Stonebrooke Rd. in Ames.  The clinic will run from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  Attendees will earn the required minimum recertification hours for 2014 re-registration.  There is no cost for attendance but you will need to pre-register at prior to the class date.  The required referee recertification exam and upgrade exams (if needed) will be given at the clinic.   
Your recertification hours can be found on your RefLink page at  The Iowa Referee Committee provides the following statement about requirements that must be met prior to re-registering:

"All Iowa referees, regardless of grade level, must attend a cumulative minimum of 5 hours of recertification clinic hours per calendar year in order to re-register. The following options are recognized by the Iowa Referee Committee as "approved" methods of receiving "recert. credit". Any combination of these methods is acceptable:

  • Attendance at the annual Iowa Referee Academy (Meets full requirement).
  • Attendance at an organized Recertification Clinic (Meets full requirement).
  • Attendance at the annual Iowa Referee Academy & Advanced Referee Clinic (for grades 7, 6 and 5 referees) (Meets full requirement.)
  • Local Association Meetings (1 hour per meeting) - only Local Associations recognized by the IRC shall receive credit hours.
  • League Referee Training Seminars taught by a registered USSF Instructor (2 hours maximum per seminar).
  • Attendance at the morning part of Day 2 Entry Level Clinic as Recert.  The Instructor must have prior notification. (Meets full requirement.)
  • Completion of Online Recertification Training Module (4 hrs.) and Exam (1 hr.)"


U5-U10 Team Photo Information Sept 21 and Oct 5

Each year in the fall, we offer U5-U10 players the opportunity for professional photographs.  The club has used Tekippe Photography for several years now. 

We ask all players to turn up for the photos even if you do not plan to purchase anything so your teammates can get a team photo.

Central Iowa Soccer League Web Site (and Game Schedules!)

Our U5-U10 teams play in a league with several surrounding clubs called the Central Iowa Soccer League, or CISL (pronounced "sizzle"). 

The league has its own web site at

At that site, you'll find the rules for our games, directions to all the clubs' fields, contact information for coaches of the different teams, and the game schedules. 

As of Aug 24, the game schedules for U7-U10 teams are now available and published.  Click here to go to the page to download them. 

Have a great season! 

Free Cleat Exchange at JAX Aug 16 and 17 (Table Volunteers Needed)

Each season, we hold a free Cleat Exchange, hosted at JAX Outdoor gear.  Bring your old outgrown cleats and trade them in for a pair or a more appropriate size.  If you don't find a pair, you can pick up a discount certificate for a new pair from JAX.  If you don't have a new pair to donate, you can still pick up a used pair...and just consider making a small donation to our financial aid form.

For the Fall, our cleat exchange will be August 16 (4:00-7:00 pm) and August 17 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

JAX is located at 4723 West Lincoln Way Ames, IA 50014
(515) 292-2276

Normal hours at JAX are:
M-F 9am - 8pm
Sat 9am - 6pm
Sun 10am - 6pm

Cynthia Jenks (our Cleat Exchange Guru) is going to be out of town during the cleat exchange, so we need a few people to sit and watch and help a bit.  No experience needed!  She or the folks at JAX can tell you what to do.

 Please click here to volunteer for a shift or two! 

Coach Licensing in Ames and Des Moines in July and August

The ISA E license course will be offered this summer in three local spots on different weekends: 

  • July 26-28 in Ames
  • Aug 2-4 in West Des Moines
  • Aug 16-18 in Johnston

This course is particularly appropriate for coaches who will be working with U9-U14 teams.  The club will cover the fee.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Gary Eyles to sign up. 

Annual Corporate Meeting 7:00 pm June 18, Ames City Hall

The annual meeting of the corporation (this means you!) of the Ames Soccer Club will be at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, June 18, at Ames City Hall room 135.  The main agenda item is to elect a board of directors for the following year.  

If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact Alan Constant at

The regular meeting of the board of the ASC will follow immediately after the annual corporate meeting.  As with all board meetings, members are welcome to attend, and a portion of the meeting at the beginning is reserved for members of the club to bring forward issues, proposals, or concerns.

Volunteer to Help Out with Kohl's Cup June 8-9

The Kohls American Cup is the premier recreational soccer tournament for the Spring season in Iowa, and Ames Soccer Club has had the privilege of hosting it for the last several years.

We need your help to put on this great event that will also be a big fund raiser.

Please click on the link below to take a shift or two doing one of our very easy jobs and be a part of a great weekend of soccer for 1000+ kids and our community.

Skills Videos for U5-U10 Players added to ASC Web Site

Our program focuses on technical skills so that players become comfortable on the ball, especially in 1 vs. 1 situations (1 attacker vs. 1 defender).  During the practice sessions players work on these skills BUT to become accomplished players they MUST work on these skills outside of regularly scheduled activities. 

In order to facilitate this we have placed some YouTube videos on our club website that give clear pictures and examples of what skills the players are working on.  This way when they come home and confuse you by saying they have been working on the Matthews move you can now go to our website and access the video that shows players performing the specific move.  We are hopeful that parents will then help their children further develop these skills so that their coaches can then encourage them to use them in practice sessions and ultimately in games.

The videos are available from our "Resources for Players and Parents" page, available through the Players menu bar at the top of the page.

We will be adding more content to our club website so that all of our members have a clearer understanding of the skills that we are trying to teach and how they fit into the game.  Often as coaches we have clear pictures of what the game should look like but often that is difficult to communicate if players or parents do not watch the game or did not grow up with the sport of soccer.  My experience is that it is very easy to tell which players spend time with the ball outside of regular activities.  By working together to encourage players to get more touches on the ball we will raise the level of play in ALL of our players.

ASC Coaches Receive Training Certifications

Four of our club coaches recently attended and passed the USSF E License in Gilbert: Taner Sen (U8), Jacob Beste (Skills Coach), Michael Kreber (Skills Coach), and Alex Osanya (U8).


Damien Corrieri, a member of our professional coaching staff, attended and gained the NSCAA Goalkeeping Level 1 and Level 2 Diplomas in Eden Prairie, MN

Information about the US Soccer Federation's A-E licenses is available here.  The NSCAA Course information is available here.   Ames Soccer Club supports the training and education of our coaches and makes the USSF D and E licenses routinely available to coaches at club expense.

U5-U10 CISL Game schedules are now available

As many of you know, Ames Soccer Club administers our local U5-U10 league, known as Central Iowa Soccer League (CISL, pronounced "sizzle"). The league has its own web site, where schedules, directions to away fields, league rules, and so on can all be found.

Visit CISL at

Two important announcements regarding CISL

  1. Game Schedules are now out.  Visit the CISL web page and click on "Game Schedules" on the menu at the top.
  2. If the weather is dodgy on a day where you have an away game, visit the CISL page to see if the club you are visiting has reported their fields as closed

You can also "Like" Central Iowa Soccer League on Facebook.  (And you should "Like" Ames Soccer Club while you're at it!)