U5-U10 CISL Game schedules are now available

As many of you know, Ames Soccer Club administers our local U5-U10 league, known as Central Iowa Soccer League (CISL, pronounced "sizzle"). The league has its own web site, where schedules, directions to away fields, league rules, and so on can all be found.

Visit CISL at centraliowasoccer.org.

Two important announcements regarding CISL

  1. Game Schedules are now out.  Visit the CISL web page and click on "Game Schedules" on the menu at the top.
  2. If the weather is dodgy on a day where you have an away game, visit the CISL page to see if the club you are visiting has reported their fields as closed

You can also "Like" Central Iowa Soccer League on Facebook.  (And you should "Like" Ames Soccer Club while you're at it!)

Ames Soccer Club has a Twitter Account: @amessoccer

Ames Soccer Club is going mobile!

We have set up a Twitter account, which we will use primarily for weather related announcements, like practice cancellations or field closures.  The account is set up to send messages to our Facebook Page and to the widget on the front of our web page.  Thus, by us sending the note to Twitter, you'll still be able to see it in all the "old" ways, but you can additionally see the message via Twitter.  We know that it is always the case that some people do not receive our text message notifications, so the Twitter message is another alternative way for you to find out.

If you are a new user of Twitter or have not signed up for a Twitter account, you may not know that Twitter can be configured to send you push notifications to your smart phone or texts  any time particular accounts send out a message.  There are many different Twitter clients out there, so an exhaustive set of instructions is impossible.  However, here are two straightforward ways to set this up so you get @amessoccer tweets automatically without having to log into your Twitter app: