Skills Videos for U5-U10 Players added to ASC Web Site

Our program focuses on technical skills so that players become comfortable on the ball, especially in 1 vs. 1 situations (1 attacker vs. 1 defender).  During the practice sessions players work on these skills BUT to become accomplished players they MUST work on these skills outside of regularly scheduled activities. 

In order to facilitate this we have placed some YouTube videos on our club website that give clear pictures and examples of what skills the players are working on.  This way when they come home and confuse you by saying they have been working on the Matthews move you can now go to our website and access the video that shows players performing the specific move.  We are hopeful that parents will then help their children further develop these skills so that their coaches can then encourage them to use them in practice sessions and ultimately in games.

The videos are available from our "Resources for Players and Parents" page, available through the Players menu bar at the top of the page.

We will be adding more content to our club website so that all of our members have a clearer understanding of the skills that we are trying to teach and how they fit into the game.  Often as coaches we have clear pictures of what the game should look like but often that is difficult to communicate if players or parents do not watch the game or did not grow up with the sport of soccer.  My experience is that it is very easy to tell which players spend time with the ball outside of regular activities.  By working together to encourage players to get more touches on the ball we will raise the level of play in ALL of our players.

Ames Soccer Club has a Twitter Account: @amessoccer

Ames Soccer Club is going mobile!

We have set up a Twitter account, which we will use primarily for weather related announcements, like practice cancellations or field closures.  The account is set up to send messages to our Facebook Page and to the widget on the front of our web page.  Thus, by us sending the note to Twitter, you'll still be able to see it in all the "old" ways, but you can additionally see the message via Twitter.  We know that it is always the case that some people do not receive our text message notifications, so the Twitter message is another alternative way for you to find out.

If you are a new user of Twitter or have not signed up for a Twitter account, you may not know that Twitter can be configured to send you push notifications to your smart phone or texts  any time particular accounts send out a message.  There are many different Twitter clients out there, so an exhaustive set of instructions is impossible.  However, here are two straightforward ways to set this up so you get @amessoccer tweets automatically without having to log into your Twitter app:

Central Iowa Soccer League Web Site

The Central Iowa Soccer League (CISL) web site has moved.  The new URL is

Both the CISL and new ASC sites are built to work much better with your cell phone browser.  You'll now be able to get all the resources available there (directions to fields, contact information, schedules, etc.) in an easier to read format.

Any suggestions about the new CISL web site can be directed to William Jenks.

New Ames Soccer Club Web Site


If you're here, you're seeing it!

We have moved our web site to a new platform that will give us flexibility to do some more "modern" things with our page.  A great example of this is that our page now reformats for readability with your mobile phone or tablet.  We hope you like the change.

Organization and content are still very flexible.  If you have suggestions, please contact us!