Summer Camps

Summer 2015


Click here for the 2015 Summer Camp Brochure

The brochure has details about times.  Camps are $50 or $70, depending on age group.  Enroll by filling out form and sending a check to Gary Eyles

General Summer Camp Information

  • June 22-25:  Jr. Skills I
  • July 27-30:  World Cup Scrimmage
  • Aug 3-6:  Keeper-Striker
  • August 10-13:  Pre-Season Training

Junior Skills.  A camp aimed at players between the ages of 5—14. Players will receive expert coaching on all the basics of soccer skills including dribbling, control, passing, and shooting. The core of the camp will be the small-sided games that encourage players to practice their newly-acquired skills in a game-like environment. The goal is to teach soccer skills in a fun way so that players develop a passion for the sport.

Keeper-Striker Camp. Always a popular camp since all activities focus on different ways of finishing and all types of shot stopping. Sessions are centered around what goes on in and around the goal area. Repetition is the name of the game, and by the end of the week all players will come away more confident about their specific position. Plenty of balls will be on hand so that no time is wasted chasing missed shots or retrieving balls out of the back of the net because another shot or another save is just around the corner. Players may sign-up to split time between keeper and striker positions.

World Cup Scrimmage Festival. "When are we going to scrimmage?" is probably the most asked question by young players. This camp is designed to whet the player's appetite for scrimmaging, as the vast majority of time will be spent doing just that - scrimmaging! After a warm-up of dynamic exercises and fast footwork skills, players are selected to teams and play scrimmages for the remainder of the session. Players will experience various small-sided games playing with and without keepers.

Pre-season Training Camp. Get a head start on the rest of the competition with a pre-season training camp. Players will receive quality coaching in the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological components of the game. Training sessions will involve small-sided games of 4 vs. 4 leading up to full-sided games of 8 vs. 8 and 11 vs. 11. Functional training will train players in the area of the field where they play, helping them hone in on more specific skills required to play their particular positions.