Uniform Information

U11-U19 Uniform


The complete uniform kit for our U11-U19 players consists of a yellow jersey, a navy jersey, shorts, two pairs of socks and a set of black warmups. A team bag is optional. The jersey is heavily customized. We keep track of numbers to avoid conflicts within teams wherever possible. When you purchase a uniform, you are asked for 1st and 2nd choices for numbers for this reason.

Each summer, the club makes a bulk order for all the new players. During the rest of the year, individual orders are accepted. Orders are made through Active.com. (See the link on the right hand of this page.) The expense of using Active.com approximately balances out the sales tax that you do not have to pay. When you order on line, the size choices will be given. You can order mix-and-match sizes.

  • Most U11 boys wear almost everything YL size.
  • The YM size for girls is tiny!
  • There is a big difference (3 inches) in inseam length between the YL and AS warmup pants. The AS size is probably most appropriate for players about 5'5" to 5'8".
  • Warmups should NOT be purchased too large for your child or they will be impossible to play in.
  • The socks are available in 3 sizes: 18, 24, and 30 inches. Do not buy the 18 inch socks unless your player is short!

Approximate Price List: (You should buy the kit if you're starting from scratch!)

  • Socks $6
  • Warmup top $30.00
  • Warmup pants $27.25
  • Bag $22
  • Ball $17 or $43

    • Full Kit: $151.50
    • A la Carte $8.00 base charge for shipping
    • Jersey: $29.50
    • Shorts $15.25

    U5 - U10 Uniform


    The ASC uniform for this age is a custom made reversible navy/yellow jersey that is sold through JAX Outdoor Gear in Ames. The jersey is available for $25 and will generally last for as long as you child can fit in it. Many players get 2 years out their jersey and have handed it down to a sibling. You can get whatever number you like. JAX also offers a matching pair of sox and shorts for an additional $14.

    Players do NOT need to wear their uniform to practice, but certainly are welcome to! Players MUST wear shin guards to all practices and games. Players should bring a water bottle AND AN INFLATED BALL to all games and practices, as well. (U5-U8 use a size 3 ball; U9-U10 use a size 4 ball.)



    A word about earrings and other jewelry. For safety reasons, no jewelry of any sort is allowed during soccer games. This includes earrings. Players should also not wear watches, braclets, or anything else that a player can hook a finger into. 

    Click "Register" button to purchase U11-U19 Uniform

    Purchase U5-U10 uniforms at JAX Outdoor Gear

    4723 West Lincoln Way
    Ames, IA 50014
    (515) 292-2276
    M-F 9am - 8pm
    Sat 9am - 6pm
    Sun 10am - 6pm

    Cleat exchange

    Before each season, we arrange a cleat exchange at JAX, where you can bring your used cleats and trade them for some bigger ones. Leave a pair of cleats for the exchange and get a discount on new ones at JAX. Don't have an old pair? See what we have in the exchange and consider making a $10 donation to the financial aid pool if you find something.

    Used Uniforms

    Duck Worth Wearing is our new spot for used uniform exchange (all ages). There is no official arrangement, but we encourage all club members looking for a used market to go there.

    If you have an outgrown item to donate to the club contact Cynthia Jenks.