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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Ames Soccer Club (ASC) believes that all youth should have the opportunity to participate in ASC programs. ASC understands that for some the fee may be prohibitive. Therefore ASC is committed to providing financial assistance to qualifying youth.

Financial Assistance will be considered on an annual basis for club fees only and does not include team fees (travel or tournament fees). Players are generally expected to obtain their own uniforms through purchase or the secondhand market. Requests for financial assistance should be submitted 30 days prior to the fee due date.

Your information will be kept completely confidential. All confidential materials will be held by the club treasurer or president.

To apply for financial assistance:
1. Submit a completed application, see below.
2. Provide necessary forms (Federal 1040 form, final paycheck stub, W2 or other proof of income).
3. Complete the online application and upload supporting documentation. If you are unable to upload your supporting documentation please email to:

Financial Assistance will be awarded based on demonstrated need.

Applications are for one year beginning with the fall season and ending with the beginning of the following fall season. All applications for financial assistance will be held in strict confidentiality. To be considered for financial assistance you must complete this form and show proof of household income and or receipt of public assistance. If you are applying for assistance for more than one child please list the name and age group of each child. The Financial Assistance Committee will review your application and contact you upon receiving your application.

Financial Aid - Application

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